Thursday, January 29, 2009


Four little clay models later, one nights sleep, and I am still pooped. I spent yesterday making more models for buttons and pendants. They are small 1-2" size and take forever and a day to make, about 2-3 hours each, a lot of squinting, hunching of shoulders. It is tedious work, mind numbing, but still I really love the process of bringing a little sketch to life.

I've made a few smaller sizes of the daisy buttons, thinking I might turn some of them into pendants or charms. I've also followed up on the William Morris acanthus wallpaper fragments. I'm not sure about those models. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Meanwhile this is Alice, my studio assistant with the non-opposable thumbs. She is doing her best to model how I felt after yesterday's marathon model carving extravaganza. I actually think I'd like to crawl back into bed and strike that pose for a few hours.

But there is work to be done, models to be cast, coffee to be drunk!

Have a good day all, LeAnn

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Lisa said...

I like the idea of smaller pendants and charms! I also like the William Morris inspired designs...can't wait to see them with glaze!