Thursday, February 12, 2009

I am obsessed!

I confess! I am obsessed with garden things right now. I think spring must be just around the corner. The buds on the redbud, peach, pear and apple are just starting to plump up on the trees in my garden. I am so excited. It has been a long cold winter for us here. OK I know you northerners have had a much harder winter. But hey, we had at least one whole week where the temperature was in the teens, ummm, at night. And we had snow on the ground for more than 12 hours. And I had to dig out my parka on more than 2 days. That's pretty darned cold out here in West Texas.

These are a few of the pendants and links that came out of the kiln this week. It's all sort of experimental at this point. I turned my leaf buttons into pendants and made daisies into pendants and links. And if all of this garden goodness wasn't enough, I made more clay models of flowers, pansies and something that started out a like a dianthus but ended up more like a zinnia (or something). Who knows where this will go. I may end up with an entire porcelain garden. Sort of like a ceramic field guide, only all of the illustrations will be entirely made up with almost no link to reality.


stregata said...

Hi LeAnn!
I think your "garden" is beautiful. I am longing for spring too. But that is at least 4-6 weeks away. It is snowing again here and the temperatures are around 0°C (during the day!) Which actually isn't that cold. After New Years, we had a couple of weeks of around -10°C to -18°C. Shiver!
I placed an order in your shop today and can't wait to get the connectors.
By the way, congrats on being in the treasury! I'm sure it will give your shop lots of deserved attention.

SummersStudio said...

Thanks Renate. Your connectors are on the way. I grew up in the north and am not sure how we survived those cold winters. They are just like yours this year. 11 years in Australia spoiled me. Now 0 degrees C is just too cold for me :)

2ifbysea said...

Hi Leann! Will u be posting those 2 great leaf pendants in the photo?

SummersStudio said...

Cristi, They will probably go up on Friday. I've photoed them now I just need to get them up there!

stregata said...

Hi LeAnn,
Thanks for your comment on my blog and the kind words about my colours. I do take them pretty seriously. I love colour and I especially love combinations of different shades of the same colour. I try to do this in my garden also, but my garden has a slightly different attitude towards colour - it loves pink! I don't really. One year I ordered golden yellow roses, and when they finally bloomed, they were pink with apricot. Not that they aren't lovely - they just totally threw the colour scheme...
I am so looking forward to receiving the connectors!
Have a great day!