Tuesday, February 17, 2009


OK, I confess, I have had Moorice for a little while. He was waiting for me when I came home at the end of January. Moorice is from an adorable line of Kidlet Critters designed and made by Gaea Cannaday. Moorice came to me as the result of winning a giveaway over on Gaea’s blog. In a moment of silliness in the naming contest, I followed up on her Moorry Christmas, theme and tad da, Moorice had a name. The truth is I didn’t actually realize it was a contest or give away. So I was just tickled pink when the name was chosen.

Moorice is very sweet and you can see more versions of him from Gaea’s last firing. He is from a line of jewelry she designed specifically with children in mind. That’s such a great idea, and I know my daughter would have loved having her own special handmade jewelry when she was a little one. There are piglets, owls, kitties, and more, all named of course, so be sure to check out her website. Personally, I think these pendants have got a lot of appeal for us big people too! Especially if you like a bit of whimsy.

Thanks, Gaea. Moorice is living in a good home and is much adored by his people.

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