Sunday, April 26, 2009

Little Bits of my Garden

It's been a very hectic week here at Summers Studio but I haven't forgotten that Renate reminded me that I haven't shown any photos of my garden. Renate frequently gives us views of the magnificent flowers in her garden.

This photo is of a columbine that is just about finished blooming. These are an unusual yellow type that I am told are native to West Texas. I think that is probably true. It is the only columbine I've been able to grow here and this huge plant (more than a meter across) started out as a single little seedling that self started in my neighbors garden 2 years ago. Notice the sage/blue green colour of the folliage? It's the only columbine that I've ever seen with this colour. I think that is the give away of it's native origin. For a scientific reason, that I've forgotten, plants growing in arid climates often have this colouration.

This is one of my other favourite plants, lamb's ears. I love the thich velvety leaves on these. It has almost become a weed in my garden. This is good because it is choking out the ugly weeds.

And these are amaryllis. They were here when we moved to this house 4 years ago. I've never grown these except as forced bulbs in winter. They are truly spectacular and starting to spread.

Gardening here is challenging. This is the harshest, dryest climate I've ever lived in. We inherited an overgrown weedy mess and are slowly learning how to garden here and without much supplemental water. We've been in a drought for 4 years and it makes sense to limit the water we put on the garden. Natives are the way to go and I am learning to appreciate the beauty of subtle sage green leaves and even prickly plants.
So that's a little tiny tour of my garden this week (carefully edited out weeds).
Hope you all have a fabulous week!
Cheers, LeAnn


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Debbie said...

LeAnn, I can’t believe how far ahead of us you are, my lambs ear are only 3” tall. Everything looks beautiful and the amaryllis is lovely, I didn’t know it would grow outside. Have a happy international charm day on Tuesday.

SummersStudio said...

Debbie, we are about a month ahead ourselves.

stregata said...

Thank you - you know, I also love to see other people's gardens. I love your columbine, what a beautiful colour! And the lambs's ear! Sigh!
Have a beautiful day!