Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thanks, Sharon!

I was so surprised and happy to get this card in the mail. It was from Sharon over at LivewireJewelry. I sent her a mix of buttons and beads recently and she sent me this lovely note. It is on a card that she made. I think Sharon might be hiding some of her talents from us! I had no idea she worked this way. This card is divine. It’s got the most wonderful words, “listen to your heart” and a bird, robin I think, an icon of spring. It’s all balanced just so perfectly.

Little does Sharon know, but today was a day where I truly appreciated a surprise. Today, I’ve been working on all sorts of mundane business things, promotional things, questioning just what on earth am I doing. But “listen to your heart” was a perfect sentiment for me to follow thru my day. It is all part and parcel of following a creative life and even those mundane business things free me up to think about the doing the creative work.

It also made me think about the blogging community we are part of. For me it is a very nourishing experience and I hope you all get some of that as well. I work alone as many of you do. This experience of being able to share and interact with all of you, that I only know thru our blogs, has become an important part of my creative life. Thank you! And many, many thanks to Sharon for giving me this little gift of reflection.

Sharon, this little beauty is going up in my studio as a reminder of what it is all about.

Cheers, LeAnn


sharon said...

Thanks LeAnn, you made my day and made me smile with your kind words!

SueBeads said...

LeAnn - you do wonderful work, somedays are just better than others! I purchased some of Sharon's work and was amazed at the card she included too. What a talented person she is!

SummersStudio said...

Sharon and Sue, thanks for stopping by! Sue, thank you. Yesterday was not one of the better than others. I hate paperwork!

Erin said...

Leann, beautiful words! Yes, I too love being apart of this community. It is inspiring to be surrounded by everyone's creativity and art. BTW, I love the pottery you've been working on!

SummersStudio said...

Thanks, Erin. Since I've started interacting with this wonderful community I've seen a few changes in my work. I think you all inspire me!