Monday, April 20, 2009

We've been having fun

My daughter has been visiting for a few days over a long weekend and we've been having heaps of fun making jewelry. This is something I rarely do and she rarely has time for. Oh and Michaels had a 50% off sale so we did a bit of a bead extravaganza. Sarah snagged some lovely rose quartz beads and came home and immediately snagged my one and only coral barnacle pendant. A very simple necklace she's made, but I love what she's done.
It's been such a lovely time to do this together. We've been sitting together long hours at the dining room table, with all of our things spread out, chatting, comparing, suggesting. It has been quite a long time since we've been able to have so many hours of mummy daughter time. As your children grow older and leave the nest, it gets harder and harder to have gentle quiet communication. Our daughter is 8 hours away and when we see each other, we've usually got all sorts of things to go and do. This time we deliberately dedicated our time together to making things. And we've grown closer just being able to share our common interest. Although I am deemed the slowest beader in the universe. But that's OK.
One of the other things Sarah and I did together was unload a kiln and then paw through all of the goodies. I made up a smaller size pendant and a couple of different variations. Used some of the suggestions for glaze colours and I must say I'm quite pleased with the blue version. Sarah has generously allowed me to list these in the Etsy shop. All I had to do was promise to make more.


2ifbysea said...

They are all wonderful, Leann! I hope to use my this week. I bought some coordinating beads for it yesterday.

SummersStudio said...

Cristi, I can't wait. I was pretty excited when Sarah put on her necklace with the coral one.

sharon said...

This necklace is sooo pretty, love that soft color....Hope you will make more of that color pendant!!! Love the simplicity of that one also. BTW, thanks for your thoughtful comment on my question. It is really helping me know everyone and to feel more connected as a community of artists...I do believe you and my other blog friends are truly artists!

SummersStudio said...

Sharon, my daughter says thank you! She's got a pretty good eye for colour I think. There will be more coral pendants in the future.

Your question this morning was a great one. I'm so happy it helps you feel more connected. The feeling is quite mutual.

Debbie said...

LeAnn, Your daughter’s necklace is lovely, it really complements the pendant.
And your pendants, there is not a one that I don’t like the color of.
Hope the Mother daughter team get more beading time together, sounds like fun.

Debbie said...
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stregata said...

the pendants are just absolutely lovely! And I think the coral one turned out exceptionally! Sweet necklace combination, as well!
Glad you had some quality time with your daughter.

Andrew Thornton said...

Oh, I love your new sea things beads and pendants! They're awesome. I'm sorry that I missed your giveaway! Alas, the woes of being on the road.