Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Art Market and a Lot of Work

Whew, it’s been a busy couple of days! I’m getting ready for the first, as in inaugural, Down Town Art Market, this Saturday. So that little kiln of mine is scheduled for 2 firings in 2 days. I don’t normally do this. In fact I have a larger kiln but it is too large for what I want to have for the market.

This pile of bisque has yet to be glazed and will get finished tomorrow. She says with much optimism.

I’m actually very excited about this new market. Not that I think I will sell heaps of things. Many years ago I along with a 2 others started a a farmer’s market in a little town of 2500 souls. It was a lot of work but oh so much fun. This was a weekly seasonal market and people gathered to chat and to buy the fresh produce and freshly made jams, sweet rolls, and breads. And I love the idea of producer/maker meets the consumer. This market is being done in all the right ways for the community I live in. There will be no resale, all items must have been produced by the vendor or a group of producers. Like many rural downtown areas, ours is a barren sort of area most of the time…people having shifted their shopping out to malls. So I’m super excited to see this market happen and have great hopes for it being a meeting place for the community, much like our First Friday Art Trail is.

Meanwhile I am shifting into relaxed mode. Bob and Alice have given up the enthusiasm a long while ago.

More later…..



Fab Fibers said...

I love our farmers market. It sounds a lot like yours. In the winter they turn our area into an ice skating rink. Every year it gets a bit bigger and better.

SummersStudio said...

Rosanne, I have high hopes for this market for the community. We are going year round. I'm actually starting to plan my winter gear now :)

stregata said...

Much luck with this market, LeAnn! I am looking forward to finding out how it went.
And will you just look at all those lovely little pieces of porcelain!!

Prairie Emporium said...

LeAnn, Is it outdoors? If so hope you have nice weather. Looks like you will have a busy week, good luck with everything. Debbie

Anonymous said...

dear leann,

i wish you good luck on you market on saturday.

my jacket is ready now. i did a post on my blog, linked to your's.
if you have time, please have a look!


SueBeads said...

Good Luck, and I hope you have FUN!