Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Glove

The glove showed up briefly this morning on the foot of our bed. Note that this is on... not at, as on the floor near the bed. It then appeared on the bench. It is worse for wear. I will be getting new garden gloves. Miss Wiggle Bottom and Bob now both deny any knowledge of how this glove went missing in the first place. Let alone how the glove mysteriously made a brief appearance on our bed. I'm still betting that Miss Wiggle Bottom knows a lot more than she is admitting too.
Meanwhile, it is 98 degrees, windy, and I've spent the day in the studio that is only cooled via fan. The kiln is firing. There are experiments out there. Hopefully, I will have some interesting things tomorrow. Hopefully, they will not be too interesting.


sharon said...

LeAnn, I love when your INTERESTING things come out of the kiln!!

Katie said...

I love the saga of the diasappearing/reappearing glove - pets sure can be sneaky like that (especially when they know they've done something that could mean trouble...).

Wow - that is courageous of you to be sitting in that heat with only a fan! We city slickers in Houston don't even like to think about that...I tend to run from air conditioner to air conditioner in the summer...

I can't wait to see the new "interesting" things you are working on! I am trying to be good and slow down on the spending...But, if it's REALLY interesting...But, I've been better about actually making things with the goodies I've bought :o) I made my 2nd hydrangea button bracelet today!!

SummersStudio said...

Hi, Sharon. Good weekend in Philly? I have some risky pots in there mostly. We'll see.

Katie, that hydrangea closure bracelet you made is wonderful. Heat? Well I love the AC. I wish I had it in the studio. Someday? It was so hot today that the dogs stayed inside.

stregata said...

Hi LeAnn,
I am staying tuned for more installments of the mysterious reappearing glove. I love a good mystery!
And I am hanging on the edge of my seat to see what interesting things come out of your kiln. Oh - the suspense!!!
BTW, you could send some of that excess heat over here, if you like! We have barely been reaching 18°C as a high. So, I am still throwing wood in the stove every other day; our house is just cold inside!!
Have a wonderful day!!

Barbara Lewis said...

Hey LeAnn: Can't wait to see the new work! Who said Christmas only comes once a year?!!!

SummersStudio said...

Renate, I would glad trade some of your cool weather for our hot! We head home to my mum and sis next week. It's cool there!

Barbara, we'll see if it's like Christmas. Lot's of times it's pretty mixed.