Thursday, July 16, 2009

I like blue

I like blue, and apparently green, and a touch of lavender. Really, this is a complete surprise to me as I actually favour black, at least in clothing. Not the best choice in this 100F+ climate. I digress....This is a little sampling that came out of my kiln this morning. These pieces were patterned with vintage brass filigree stampings. The other thing i'm suprprised by, other than my colour choices, is how much I love the very romantic, feminine pattern of these. They are delicate and just a bit subtle, a little like soft fragrance.

Oh my I am poetic tonight. It must be, the now 40 or more people, that will arrive at my house Saturday night for a birthday celebration. A major birthday. One of those with a rather large number in the front and a zero behind. Not mine, mind you. But all of the preparation does have my head in a bit of a spin. Perhaps that's where the need to create things with a softness comes in. Who knows?
Happy weekend!
PS. I have just been told that 5 is not a rather large number. It is an in between number. A middle number, just kind of average.


Katie said...

Those are lovely! I already know that I gravitate towards the blues and greens of the world...But, I am OK with that :o)

I love the new designs, too - you keep coming up with new pretties for us to ooh and ahhh over...

Enjoy your houseguests! And I love that the peanut gallery called you out on the "5" issue :o)

sharon said...

These are oh so romantic LeAnn...sooo soo pretty, and my favorite colors!!
Good luck with your party, I'm sure it will be a smash hit!!

Papermoonies said...

oh love your blog and your creations gave you a follow
I want to play with copper clay sooooo bad!

stregata said...

LeAnn, these are so beautiful!! I love the blues and greens, and the lavender goes so well with them!
I hope your party turns out to be fantastic and you don't have to do all the work alone. Please give my best wishes to the birthday "child" - after all, 5 is just a number and zero is nothing at all!

Marie Cramp said...

WOW!! And here am trying to stop spending money...this is not going to help. Keep up the great work :)

Also can you please add me to your blog roll? I don't think I am on there.


I'm Julia said...

I love these colors, so hard to resist.

SueBeads said...

I really like the colors, too, especially the lavender!

Prairie Emporium said...

LeAnn, all your new pieces are so pretty. I love the colors and the lacy look.
Hope we get to see photos of the party, have a great time.

Tammy and Rob said...

I love them LeAnn, the lavender is my fave!