Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Copper Pieces

But first....where did the time go? It's been cool here, finally, and I've spent a lot of time in the studio. It seems like only yesterday that I showed you all photos of the new pots. I'd love to respond to each and every comment but you have once again just stunned and amazed me with all of your support and truly generous words. Thank you one and all!

A couple of things though. A few of you wondered about my kiln and it's size for large work. Well the shameful truth is I am a kiln hoarder. I have 4 kilns, ranging in size from teeny tiny to one I can fire things up to 26 inches tall. The big one only gets used a few times a year and is mostly likely a waste of space. But it was my first kiln so I hang onto it for nostagic reasons. Yes, you can fall in love with a kiln, a big ugly kiln.

Several of you commented on the Arts & Crafts feel of some of the pots. Well, I just could not be more pleased with that. I hadn't actually thought of those pots that way. But the Arts & Crafts period, both British and American is my favourite design period. Hands down, top favourite. In fact I live in a bungalow of sorts, built in 1928. I just sort of gravitate to all things Arts & Crafts and it tickles me pink that some of that feel is coming through my pottery without even trying.
I made these pieces out of copper clay a few weeks ago and forgot about them. It's that where did the time go thing I have going on right now. I think I buried them in my other things because I wasn't too sure of the patina on them. There's no bright copper feel to them but now that I get them back out again, I like the old coin feel they have. And speaking of copper clay. This stuff is fantastic to work with. It is like butter compared to the crunchy toast feel and working of the bronze clay.

I'm off to work on some more of the metal clay pieces. I've got a couple of new designs in the works and tonight seems like the night to just dive into it.

Cheers, LeAnn


Judy said...

I just adore your arts & crafts copper pieces...I tend to gravitate to the vintage or antique look myself. Great job!

Marie Cramp said...

The copper looks great, that is exactly the colour I would want when buying copper. I am trying to save up for one kiln, I can not imagine even having 4. My husband has not been too suportive of my art lately, it is very frustrating.

Love your stuff always...


sharon said...

When I look at your pieces I like everything I see...I cannot choose out of the copper pieces, they are all beautiful! All your things are beautiful....it is your way. You are a very skilled craftsman, and you take care with that...it shows stunningly in every thing you do.

The Joy of Nesting said...

Beautiful copper LeAnn!!

You can just see the satin soft feel of the paitina!!

Isn't it amazing to let your spirit fly free without any preconceived notions??? Suddenly the piece you create is a true reflection of who you are!! :)

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

SummersStudio said...

Judy, I can't decide if I gravitate to vintage just because I'm a bit vintage myself :-)

Marie, you must just stick with what makes you happy and thanks so much for the comments on the colour of the patina.

Sharon, you always lift my day!

Pattie, just letting loose of my notions is sometimes hard. But you are quite right that when you do it definitely reflects who you are.

stregata said...

Hey LeAnn, I have been missing you!
Now seriously, what is not to love about those copper pieces? They are gorgeous!!
And no, you do not gravitate towards vintage because you are - otherwise I must been vintage all my life (and that would upset me...)

SummersStudio said...

Hi, Renate. The truth is I have been scavenging vintage since I was quite young. So I think maybe I've been vintage my whole life and that's alright. We like timeless things, no?

Esther said...

absolutely stunting!!! very very beautyful..

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Love the copper LeAnn. Yummy!

Silver Parrot said...

The copper is wonderful - I love the patina on it. Oh and I had to laugh at the way you described the "crunchy toast" feel of the bronze clay. I've never worked with it, but that was such a vivid description!