Monday, October 4, 2010


This little bangle was born yesterday in a fit of procrastination. I was cleaning up my work bench when I ran across a little etched piece that I never used because I didn't like it. Well the patina solutions were all sitting there, and then there was the wire that was spilling out of drawers, all the tools were out. I just kind of shoved things to one side and that mess really didn't seem so bad if I was actually making something.

But seriously, my studio looked like those episodes of hoarders. You know the ones, where things are packed nearly to the ceiling. Where it looks dangerous. Well this is what my metal/jewelry table looked like. We're not even getting into what the clay and glaze area looks like.

Disgusting! I was wasting so much time looking for things. So even though it wasn't on my list, this mess just had to get cleaned up, at least a wee bit. Enter Sweet Pete, who I think mostly was tired of hearing foul words coming from here. I was really quite beside myself with trying to figure out where to start. It had just gotten so bad and I had so many excuses for doing other things. Not much later we had the workbench sorted! It's much easier to do this with a little support and encouragement.

Look at that! Six feet of organized space. There are a few things to sort through. I'll get to them. Really! But now I've got a patina/hot work station, an area to do cold metal work like wiring. My tools are handy and easy to put away. I even cleaned up after myself today.

It feels so much better and peaceful. And it was so easy to ignore the rest of the studio since I had my back to it all day.


The Joy of Nesting said...

Looks GREAT!!!

Makes you want to stand and shout Hallelujah!! Thank god for our loving supportive partners!!!! :) I'm afraid the house would fall down around my work bench if LW ever went on strike!! No kidding, who would do the wash,the dishes,most of the cooking,the errands,and all of the shopping???!!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

kelleysbeads said...

Yay for Sweet Pete's help & encouragement. It does feel so much better sitting at a clean work area. How and why do we let it get as bad as we do when we have such good intentions to keep it all so clean?

btw, lurve the bangle!

sundownbeaddesigns said...

Oh so clean! I'm with you...when my space gets to cluttered I spend way too much time looking for tools, etc. and I feel less creative. Your bangle is great!

Anonymous said...

Hey, our work benches were twins! I also have cleaned up after myself at the end of the last two days in the studio. No more wading through the mess. It feels good doesn't it? Your comment about your studio looking like an episode of Hoarders cracked me up! So true for mine, too.
But then...look at the cool bracelet you made while procrastinating. Still, I breathe more calmly when I walk into a clean studio space. Bring on the creativity!

Beverly Herman said...

I love, love, love the bangle!!
I can see a quarter of my bead desk. No messy enough to clean yet.

stregata said...

LOVE the bangle - so ingenious!
How wonderful that your husband helped you out with a task that was bogging you down. And your metal working station looks great.

Cindy said...

Your workstation is a VERY familiar site! Happy for you that it is now reclaimed and'll be creating to your heart's desire now!
Your bangle is really cool...I just love it!

sharon said...

Your bangle is absolutely gorgeous LeAnn! I loooove it, I really love it!

As for the mess....mine is always in a perpetual state of disgusting...I just can't keep up.
I don't get help cleaning it up though! Your area looks great!

eve said...

My desk is also a nightmare just, infact i just need a bigger work place.

windrock studio said...

Hey LeAnn, I'm loving your patina pieces! Just lovely, as is your new and improved work space, well done.

Pretty Things said...

I LOVE the bangle!

Alice said...

I'm the queen of procrastination. In fact, I'm doing it right now. Thanks for sharing photos of your studio. And that bracelet is just gorgeous!!!!