Friday, October 29, 2010

Where is Hartford?

I've spent a bit of time this week trying to answer this question. I admit my sense of place 'out east' is a little weak on the geography side. I know where New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, and even Albany are. But that's really about it. When we travel we generally go west. So I just don't know a whole lot about the east.

I know that Hartford is the capitol of the state of Connecticut, has a metropolitan population of around 1,200,000, is about 400 years old, and so on. It's long, long way from W TX. But why my sudden interest in Hartford? Well, my daughter and her fiance are in a car driving there right now as I type.

They are not on holiday. They are moving. Sort of. This autumn my daughter's fiance was told that his department was being out sourced and to plan on being unemployed in February. Two weeks ago they were told that their jobs would be finished in a week's time. Derek was a graphic designer for the Wichita Eagle  for 6 years and like so much of the newspaper industry, whatever jobs can be outsourced have been. There are no graphic design jobs in Wichita. He knows. He was laid off for a while last year.

Sarah has taken a 3 month traveling nurse job in Hartford. They'll decide later if they will stay. It's a big decision. But Wichita, where they live and own a house, has been hit pretty hard by the recession. When the recession first hit, the aerospace industry alone lost just under 7000 jobs literally over night. That's a lot of people to absorb back into the work force in a city of 350,000. So up sticks it is and off they go. I'm a little sad because they will be so far away. On the other hand I am so excited that they will get this new experience, a fresh start. They are young and now is the time for them. Oh, and Sarah and I are planning a little mummy and daughter trip to New York. I love New York.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Marcie Abney said...

I got the beads yesterday and they are soooo cute! Thank you so much!

sharon said...

I wish your daughter all the best on her new journey! I have only been in Hartford once, but pass thru it all the time on the way to Maine, and the traffic sucks! BUT, it is a hopping city with great schools, just the place for a new and great career! It's about 4 hours away from me.

mairedodd said...

a new adventure - and you are so right, it is a perfect time in their lives for this... finding the good in the difficult - it's what we do, right? want to know what i selfishly consider to be good? if you make it into the city, we will be able to meet!

Judy said...

Hartford Connecticut is where I was born, at St. Francis Hospital. I know the area well and grew up in Bloomfield Ct and then on to Enfield Ct. In fact I was driving through Hartford last Sunday, I had not been there in many years. It is quite different now as many things are. Connecticut is a beautiful state and I am so excited for her to be living there. Yay for Connecticut!

stregata said...

That really is a long way from TX - but if they have work and each other, it will all be fine. And you can visit New York. And maybe meet Mary Jane. And I would call you a lucky girl then!

AuntieAnnie said...

I live in North Granby Connecticut, 45 minutes outside of Hartford and 20 minutes away from Bradley Field. Your family will arrive to crisp clean New England air, and trees still partly ablaze from the glorious autumn that we just had. It is the most beautiful time of year in New England, but also, I assume, vastly different from Texas. When winter comes they may be holding on to their hats....I hope they stay a year to get the full experience.