Monday, April 18, 2011

2 countries, 5 cities, 9 houses

 That's the number of  moves Peter and I have made over the last 24 years. It's a lot. It seems like such a short time. And, we are about to do it again. While I was away last month, Peter accepted a position at High Point University. So it's off to North Carolina in June.

So if you were wondering just where I had disapeared to, let me give you a little recap of the last couple of weeks.

Painted 2 bedrooms
Painted front door
Caulked crown molding in 3 rooms
Regrouted the tile in one bathroom
Cleared the garage
Spruced up the back yard
Had the exterior trim repaired and painted
Packed books
Put house under management with a real estate company
Cleaned, and cleaned, and cleaned again

Did zero studio work and that makes me a little cranky. But in fact I am a little too exhausted to be very cranky.

Oh, and we made a house hunting trip to North Carolina. Offer is in on one and now I am holding my breath waiting to see what happens.

And I've spent a little time feeling sad. My old boy Bob has just been diagnosed with congestive heart failure and pretty advanced arthritis in his spine. He's been spending a lot of time on the deck watching spring unfold in the back garden. But all in all, he's doing pretty well for an 11 year old. He still loves snuggles and ear scratches and he still chases his ball. He just does it all a little more slowly these days.


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, wishing you well on your move. i feel your pain as we just moved from CA to TN. i hate moving

Marcie A. said...

Sorry about puppy, but congrats on the move... that's a beautiful part of NC. I live on the coast about 3 hrs. from High Point and I really enjoy traveling to Winston-Salem in the fall, the trees are gorgeous, the weather is crisp, and the artists that call that part of the state home are top notch. Welcome! You're gonna love it. ;)

TesoriTrovati said...

Goodness! You have been busy! There is a bitter and sweet part to all that, true? It is bitter to have to clean and sell a house that you have come to make your home, and to watch your puppy slowing down, and to leave your friends... but sweet to start anew, and make new friends, discover new places! And best of all you get to do this together.
I am rooting for you! Enjoy the day!
P.S. Send me a bill... I still owe you some spending money ;-)

SueBeads said...

I think you will like NC! Not as hot!!!!

Judy said...

At first I thought you were moving to Tenn. ! How people to meet, a new area to discover and a new home! I hope your home sells fast and you get the house you want in N.C.

stregata said...

Wow - that is a lot of activity! I have been wondering where you have been...
So sorry to hear that Bob is not well - but I hope he will be bringing lots more smiles to you!
That is a big move - you must be something of an expert by now. Hope you find a wonderful house - can't wait to see your new world.

Mary Newton Designs said...

Well, congratulations! I'm sure you'll like it but I was hoping to see you in Austin again at the bead show!

steufel said...

Oh my, wishing you tons of luck with your move and your good old friend!

Studio Sylvia said...

LeAnn, wishing you positive vibes all the way from Melbourne, Australia. Best of luck with your new challenge. Bob looks as if he is enjoying quiet time on the porch. Love his blue bandanna!

windrock studio said...

Hey LeAnn, alot going on for you. I'm one of the weird ones who really love change and moving, hope this is an easy time for you with all there is to do. Bet you love your new place.
I'm relating more with Bob lately, just moving a bit slow from a sore hip, too much mountain walking right away when we moved back here! We'll both have to rest up a bit!
All the best to you, sweetie,
remember to breathe thru it all!

kelleysbeads said...

If you are driving through Atlanta while making this move, I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to cook you and Peter dinner!!! I also have an open guest room :)

sharon said...

I for one am happy you are heading closer to my neck of the woods! I am happy if you are happy! Wish you all the best with your transition LeAnn, and sending good wishes for your pup....he is a dollbaby!

Laura Twiford said...

Welcome to the East Coast! Looking at your map it doesn't look like you've graced this part of the country yet. You are sure to love that area of NC and as someone before me said you will be in travelling distance of the ocean. It is a tremendous amount of work you have already done and I wish you all well with everything that is left and i hope you hear good news about your house soon!

My Life Under the Bus said...

Oh my that's a lot of work!!! Moving is hell!!! But it is exciting too - new things to look foward to. Big Hugs to your pupper they are family aren't they? We've just gotten 2 new babies - a chinchilla and a guinea pig to add to our hoard XO Good luck with the bids!

Greer said...

Moving is all part of the journey to new things both good and bad.

Its a tough gig balancing congestive heart failure. Our first Kelpie suffered from it. (Apparently it is a common event in the breed) Eventually the meds ceased to help and when it was over we drove 5 hours to our block and she is burried between the grass trees about 10 metres from where I sit.

The Joy of Nesting said...

Oh My God!!

North Carolina in June you say??? We will be in South Carolina in Oct celebrating the birth of a new member of the family. Hmmm we will almost be next door. Maybe we can have a blog sister get together...

I feel your pain and sadness with the knowledge that Bob will not always be here. I'm sending all the strength and positive Ghi I can muster Lit'l Sister.

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.