Monday, April 16, 2012

Boo Boo Bead and Randomness

One of the bronze boo boo beads is growing up and I am pretty danged excited about it. Needs some work yet but this ones going into a secret project that will be a most awesome gift. At least I think it will be pretty awesome. More about that later.

There is a largish pile of bronze accumulating on my work table in lots of different stages of undoneness. Maybe later this week? Maybe to the Etsy shop soon? I'm kind of unpredictable these days.

My lab tests last Thursday weren't so great and resulted in the issuing of a lot of rules. I am not naturally inclined to follow rules.

I can't eat raw fruit or veg right now. It's a rule. The lettuce in the garden is perfect and beautiful and yummy and Peter is enjoying it and I am cranky about not eating lettuce.

There are way more bottles of hand sanitizer in our house than I have ever seen before. One would be more, actually, five is inundated.

I can't go out in crowds and that makes me want to go to the mall. I don't even like the mall but that is just the other side of not being naturally inclined to follow rules.

The weather is beautiful, sunny, and warm. I am allowed to go outside as long as I use sun screen and hand sanitizer. There is a bottle of hand sanitizer by the back door.

I planted 3 different kinds of tomatoes, green peppers, jalapeno, delicata and butternut squash, zuchinni,  and cucumbers.

The weather is most likely contributing to the undoneness of the bronze pieces.

I hope the neighbors like zuchinni because I planted enough for everyone.

Old Bob is ignoring me and denies having napped on the artichoke Sunday afternoon.

Old Bob will be 12 on Wednesday and we are all so very happy he is still with us even if he does nap on the artichoke. (There is now a small fence around the artichoke.)

My hair started coming out Friday and I was in serious competition with the dogs for who sheds most. Not a pretty sight.

In an Edward ScissorsHands moment, I grabbed my sewing sheers and chopped it off. It felt good to take control.

My daughter's house in Wichita is fine. Her father in law who was working night shift at Boeing when the tornado hit, is fine. His house is gone, but he is fine and has a home to go to. All of our Wichita family and friends are accounted for and safe and unharmed, cleaning up and getting on with life. I am grateful beyond words.

I think that maybe not being able to eat lettuce is just the largest bit trivial in comparison.


Lori @ Studio Waterstone said...

Ooh, but you are such a brave one to grab scissors - and, I must say, talented as well because it's beautiful! I love your humor. IMHO humor is the best medicine.

Oh, and lucky neighbors to get the veggies which aren't napped upon.

Colleen said...

So good to hear from you & see you! Sorry about the labs & the lack of lettuce. Hopefully the labs will improve as your body works through this cycle. Happy to hear that your daughter & family are safe.
Hugs! said...

Love the "bob" you gave yourself
Its funny how many "undoneness" things there can be in a studio especially when the weather is so pleasant. Your Bronze pieces are wonderful !
My old guy (cat) just turned 19 and he has hyperthyroidism and is taking meds (I have hypo thyroidism and would trade him if I could but we both take meds every day )and he leaves at least a full coat of hair on the couch daily -
Good to know that your family is safe.
Rules are made to be broken - sometimes

Shirley said...

I'd be thrilled if I had chopped my hair, and it looked that good! so glad everyone is ok, and that you have lots of work to absorb you and make you forget the little frustrations. Love the BooBoo Beads!

Spirited Earth said...

good to hear from you..though sorry about all the Rules..
also a relief to know that all your family is safe from those storms.

Michelle said...

I never would have guessed your hair was a DIY project! It looks great!

Glad to hear from you. I was actually wondering how you were doing as I awakened this morning. Can't believe you're still cranking out beads and pendants. They look fantastic.

Glad your family are all safe. Hope you enjoy the nice weather.

Patti Van said...

Glad to hear from you! Also glad that your family is well-these are some scary weather times right now. I cannot imagine what people in the midwest/plains are facing right now. My heart goes out to them. Sorry about your rules....but, your scissor work turned out wonderful!wishing you a speedy recovery as you go through this......prayers are said for you daily! And, my sammie-boy lab turns 11 on thursday...he sleeps ALOT in the weirdest places, too!

Cynthia@Ornamental Style said...

Are ice cream and chocolate on the approved list? I can't imagine going to work one day and coming home to find it gone. Glad everyone in Wichita is safe.

TesoriTrovati said...

Sweetie! I love that pixie cut on you. It makes you look young and hip and in control. Makes me long to chop all my hair off as that was a cut that I rocking in the 80s and 90s.
Your boo boos beads are beautiful can't wait to see what they become! Let Old Bob sleep where he may. Perhaps he was just being an artichoke guard dog for you! A package is on its way to you!
Enjoy the day!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

I like the pixie-cut! You should be your own barber all the time, LOL.
Yes, the weather has been stupendous lately, we have family in Topeka and all are accounted for, even the cousins.

No lettuce? No fruit or veggies? What will you live on, I wonder?

I'm happy you look so cheerful - it's delightful.

Nena said...

You look absolutely beautiful. Glad to hear your family is fine. Warmest wishes.


Melissa Meman said...

Aww, sorry about the fresh veggies, but I'm glad you are able to get out into your garden and play! I can't wait to see those beads when they are done.

Yay you for taking control and cutting your own looks fabulous :)

Hugs and Positive thoughts!

SueBeads said...

LeAnn! What a great attitude! What you are going through is incredibly difficult and you are ALLOWED to feel that way! I'm sorry things aren't going so great, but you really really don't want to get an infection! And think of this (my Aunt had ovarian cancer and I asked her about the hair thing) - you don't have to shave your legs!!!! Woo Hoo!

sharon said...

I love fruits and veggies, but I could get along fine for a while on chocolate, chips, cake, and ice cream!
Loooove your hair, guess because my hair has been that short for 30 years and I love it maintenance!
Love Bob, artichoke flattener that he is!
Love your boo bead, that is looking incredible!
Love your attitude the most!

Barb Fernald said...

You are rockin' that short hair LeAnn! I can't believe you cut it yourself. It's fabulous!!
Ditto what everyone else is saying. Keep hanging in there! xoxo

stregata said...

Can I come over and have you cut my hair??? You did a great job with yours and I bet taking control felt fabulous. Love, love that boo boo bead - although I can't see why it is a boo boo... and I so understand about rebelling against rules - while I was on antibiotics, I had to make sure not to eat/drink milk products at the same time - of course, all I could think of was wanting to use cheese in dinner, have a yoghurt, drink milk coffee and on and on...

windrock studio said...

Hey LeAnn ~ I so agree with you about rules! but it looks like you are handling things just fine, although you are allowed to not be happy about it all. I love your thoughts about keeping things in perspective as to your friends and family going thru those tornados! Glad to see your lovely smile and pretty hair.

Laura Twiford said...

LeAnn I think I like that haircut the best of all! You look so vibrant in that Pix! Sorry about the fresh fruit and veggies, that would be hard but as you say, in the grand scheme of things, minor. Glad your daughter and friends are safe, hope your labs improve. Hugs, Laura

Mary Newton Designs said...

You are ADORABLE with short hair. Good luck with everything!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there LeAnn! You look great in the photo btw. If you can't eat the fruit and veggies fresh can you eat the veggies steamed? They are sooooo good that way. ::major beady hugs::

~Diana P.

My Life Under the Bus said...

You look adorable! I am much the same if someone tells me I can't or shouldn't then I drive myself to distraction! DAMN LETTUCE!!! Luckily chocolate isn't fresh lol - The boo boo bead looks pretty damn awesome - should be called an awesome bead XOXO

Pretty Things said...

You're an inspiration, you know that?

momster said...

leann, thank you for being so generous with your life, wit and talent. best to you -

valbrown said...

Leann, you are beautiful with your new hair cut! Sending love and positive energy your way sweet friend.