Friday, February 6, 2009

Tray full of kiln goodies

As usual, I have mixed feelings about the results when I fire new pieces. But over a few hours, days, I find new things in the pieces. There is always something that can be tweaked. Maybe that's why of all the things I've done over time, I always come back to ceramics.

Dissapointments in this lot? Yep, absolutley. My favourite old pigment "peacock" is no longer my favourite. It is too dark, too intense. It looked much better when I was working in a beautiful red terracotta. It does not translate to well to porcelain.

Success? Some. I've been working on tweaking a clear base glaze that, to date, I've only used on stoneware. Yippy Skippy!!!! It is working! It is a bit glossy but with just the most wonderful satin feel. I wish I could it into your hand. Very touchable. And it takes colours well. I am in love and have all sorts of ideas of where to go with this one.

And the Morris inspired pieces are coming along. I'm not sure that they look a whole like an acanthus leaf. But I'm starting to like the blue and green glaze effects. And as usual, I have a few more ideas of what to do with these. I've got a couple of ideas for pendants and buttons and......
So just check back soon. I'll start listing some of these next week and give you a wee preview.
Happy weekend! Cheers, LeAnn


LillaJizo said...

Wow! There are some buttons here that I really like, for example the big brownish Morris leaf and the white leaves! And in the small picture I like the simpler flat ones the most; the blue and yellow one high up on the right side, and the blue and green one a bit down from there. Beautiful!

stregata said...

Hey LeAnn,
Looks like a tray full of goodies! If only I could get closer ... what's that in the corner (muse) ... ;)
I will be watching for the listings to get a close up view.