Thursday, April 16, 2009

A perfect day!

Every once in a while I have a day that is just extraordinary. Not because of any particular thing. Just everything works well, everything is harmonious, gentle, and quiet. Today was such a day. I woke up and headed straight for the studio. I worked on lots of things and felt no pressure to work. That is bliss in and of itself.

Then the post came and even my postie must of recognized how special today is. He came back to my house to make sure I had found my package. To my very great suprise, my friend Darby sent me this beautiful white vase. Darby is a ceramicist whose work I greatly admire. I made her some buttons for her favourite coat that was missing a few. It was just a small gesture. And in return she sent me this wonderful vase.

Darby works and teaches in Southern Illinois. Her work is influenced by nature, specifically by the beauty of things growing in her garden. Most of her forms start on the wheel and then are gently altered into organic forms. My vase reminds me of the form of a rose hip. I love the scalloped edge at the top. For now it has joined my little collection of white things, waiting to filled with my own garden flowers.

Thank you, Darby. I must say I was moved to tears by this unexpected gift.

And speaking of gifts. I really do treasure all the wonderful inspiration all of you have given me on names and colours for my most recent work. I hardly know where to start. But thank you! You've possibly given me more ideas and directions to go than you imagine.

So check in tomorrow to see who the winner of the drawing for an assortment of Sea Things, soon to be named something much more elegant. Or whimsical, or.....

Cheers, LeAnn


SueBeads said...

What a nice exchange! The vase is beautiful, as I'm sure the buttons were! I'm so glad you had such a great day!

2ifbysea said...

I had a lovely, productive day myself, even with both of the boys home. I'm glad to hear that yours was pleasant as well. The vase speaks for itself, just lovely.

sharon said...

This represents your day, simple and beautiful, as all things should be!

Debbie said...

LeAnn, The vase IS beautiful. Everybody needs a day like that once in a while. My hectic life makes me really appreciate it when it happens. Hope your Fri. is good too. Debbie / www.Prairie

SummersStudio said...

Sue, it was just a very wonderful, unexpected exchange.

Cristi, it is wonderful to have a productive day. I admire all of you out there with little ones who manage to get some creative work in. I never could manage the balance myself. As we say in AU 'good on ya!'

Sharon, I will look on this gift exactly that way.

Debbie, my life is not as hectic as it used to be but it is hard to get that out of my system. I love your blog. I'm a farm girl at heart. Born and raised in the midwest, townie but lots of time on family farms. And love seeing all of those images of chickens, guineas, cattle, and the lovely little ones.