Friday, September 25, 2009

Moonika, Protection, & Luck

Moonika is an Estonian who uses traditional folk embroidery on contemporary linen items like iPod cozies, book covers, and laptop cases like the one pictured above, all designed by her and hand sewn. I have a real soft spot for embroidery as one of my grandmothers and an uncle were talented ‘fancy’ needleworkers, including embroidery. And Moonika’s traditional design with a contemporary twist is quite beautiful.

All of the embroidery designs she uses have a meaning. This is what she writes about the design on the laptop case:

“I love Estonian traditional folk patterns. Every single symbol has some meaning behind it. Old Estonians believed that putting these symbols on their clothes, work tools, house doors etc, it will give them protection and will bring luck.

This one has Trees of Life on it. The image has been considered the center of the world and the beginning of all processes of life.”

I love the her idea of using these old symbols of protection and luck in a modern way. You can see more of Moonika’s beautiful work in her Etsy shop Kuutydruk or on Flickr. If you read her Etsy profile you can even find out what Kuutydruk means. It's special. I didn’t actually find Moonika. She found me. Moonika writes a blog and was kind enough to include me in her weekly gallery of Etsy sellers. Thanks, Moonika!
heaven and chocolate, moonika at kuutydruk
Now lest you think I’ve just been sitting around for two days surfing the internet or napping, let me put that notion to rest. I have been out in the studio making more little acorns and leaves. I’ve even been working on something new today that with luck you might be able to see on Monday. But then again, I do feel a little like napping this weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone!


mairedodd said...

go for the nap! you have been productive - look what last weekend did for you!!:0) i am going to go look at moonika's shop, your description is resonating in me...

SummersStudio said...

MJ, do take a look at her things. I am quite taken with the softness of it and the different perspective. Yes, naps....definitely naps. Take care

The Joy of Nesting said...

Oh Leann the only thing that sounds nicer then afternoon naps would be afternoon naps at the beach in Mexico! And I know just the most perfect place. Why the guest room is vacant and the beach is only a couple of blocks away!! ;) But seriously it's good to take a bit of time for yourself every now and then. It gives your imagination a chance to come out and play :)

I'm off to peek at moonika's shop and then stick my nose back on the grindstone. I have one month and 2 days before that Jet plane is a leaving!!!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

SummersStudio said...

Pattie, I am actually very close to Mazatlan, relatively speaking. One day I am going to make it there and nap in your guest room, eat at Luci's, and walk on the beach.

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

You deserve to nap a little over the weekend. You've been working hard! I looked at Kuutydruk's Etsy shop and I like how she uses the natural fabric for all of her creations. Beautiful work!

stregata said...

You take a nice long nap and let your imagination do the work on the weekend!

sharon said...

I loooove the nap, best thing ever!!
Do that! Thank you for introducing us to a beautiful artist...with so much minds must find each other!

Kuutydruk said...

Oh LeAnn, you are a true sweetheart :) Thank you so much for this lovely feature. You wrote so nicely and better, than i could have said it :)
I'm so glad you like my art. This recognition means so much for me and gives me strength.
Thank you so much! :)