Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The idea

This is not my idea at all. Doing a button clasp in this style is completely inspired by Lorelei who did a kick butt video tutorial on making a button clasp. Unfortunately, I can' t for the life of me find the link to it right now. Anyways, when I was at the San Antonio bead show people asked me how to use buttons. Well describing it is a whole different ball game than doing it! I needed examples, I needed to do it, and really, truly humility kicks in. I have been so spoiled by all of you out there that have had such lovely vision of what my humble pieces can become.
One of the things I struggled with was that my clasp attempts wobbled in the button. I really wanted to have the eye and shephards hook to be very stable in the clasp. No wiggling, no wobbling. And that's where the light bulb flashed on. Wind a bit of small gauge wire back through the clasp and voila the clasp became very stable!

And the result is that this clasp looks a little like it has been sewn on. At least it does to me.
Bottom line is that for my next bead show, I am definitely going with examples of ways to work with my pieces. And I am very grateful to all of you who've shown me inspired ways to use my pieces.
Thank you!
Here it is! The link to Lorelei's button clasp tutorial.


sharon said... are most certainly a genius!

stregata said...

I just love how creative minds constantly come up with fantastic ideas! Love how you fastened your clasp!

Studio Sylvia said...

A creative approach that is inspiring.

Anonymous said...


Lorelei said...

Niiiice!!! I love how you solved that problem, and I have taken notes!!
You can find the link to the tute on my blog- top right corner, you should see TUTORIALS
and I list Buttons
and Photography (from the ABS)
Also, I believe you can subscribe to my videos on YouTube if you go to my youtube page.

SueBeads said...

Very nice! I love it!

Judy said...

Great idea! Love the button!

Kella said...

Lorelei button tutorials have freed my buttons and I have also been busy practicing her tutorial methods. Your clasp turned out fab.

Silver Parrot said...

I'm about to go on a run with some new buttons and Lorelei's tutorial, too! I love what you did with it and the extra solution you came up with. That extra wire wrap actually adds visual interest and looks like it was meant to be there. Way to go!

Ninnis familjeliv said...

hello! I realy like this blog! Nice pictures! I came back soon! have a nice weekend! Hugs Nina

Pretty Things said...

Looks great!