Thursday, March 31, 2011

Looking Up

Thank you all for your support and words of comfort. The story is not mine to tell but all is well. I've just come back from nearly 3 weeks with my daughter in law and grand daughter. We spent two days packing, two days travelling, and another two days unpacking in the big move to Ft Campbell.

It was my absolute pleasure and delight to see the world through the eyes of a 3 year old. Lying on your back looking up through an oak tree with the promise of spring in its green leaf buds takes on a whole new meaning when you do that with a toddler. Life is good. Life holds magic.

Being 3 years old is serious business when you get out the side walk chalk. There is no thought of colouring outside the lines. You just make your mark. You do it with no preconceived notion of how it is supposed to be.

Kicking a ball is an experience of wild abandon. Your whole body is involved, your arms pin wheel, you jump, you fly!

Going down the twisty slide is sometimes best in the arms of your mother. Life is absolutely packed with newness and beauty. I hope I can hold onto this. Because being three is magic.

We've got the 'girls' settled into their new home. All that's missing now is Daddy. He should be home from Afghanistan in a month. Me? I feel so priviliged to be part of this lovely family. I miss them so much and it has only been a little more than a day since I left.

I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things here at home. Many ideas, many changes of our own on the horizon.

Thank you all for being there! I'll be catching up with you over the next couple of days.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sometimes the best thing for your heart is a break

Sometimes our hearts can only accomodate so much and we need to focus on the things that are most important for our emotional and spiritual health. Our family is going through something of a crisis right now. Things that will work out in time, things will be good when we sail through these rough seas. For me that means taking time away from this blog for a couple of weeks while I hold onto the people I love the most in this world.

We've circled ourselves in love, this small family of mine. We will be all right. We just don't know how things will unfold. So for now, the most important thing for me is to focus all of my heart on my family.

Thank you all for being with me on this blog. I do so hope you will join me again when I am back.

Kindness and hugs

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

BTW - A nearly clean slate!

Heather Powers of Humble Beads, created this wonderful idea of showing what's on your bead table on Wednesdays.  These are bronze pieces I just pulled out of the kiln late last night. They've been tumbled and are patiently waiting for me to come in and put patina and other goodness on them to make them all shiny and pretty.

Often late to the party, this is my first time posting my bead table. But I have a very good excuse. Until Sunday night I couldn't actually see my bead table because it was shockingly buried in piles of things that the chaos creator in me refused to acknowledge as an unsightly disgraceful mess.

I spent much of Saturday and all day Sunday sorting, organizing, cleaning and generally grumbling to myself that I should do this more often. Like clean up after myself every day. Look at that would you. Vast expanses of useable space! A virtual paradise of tidiness. It's a clean slate and I vow to keep it this way. I've even picked up after myself 2 days in a row. Mum would be so proud.

This is the piece that came out of the kiln that I am most pleased about. (Never mind the carbon buried under my thumb nail) It's a bead that did not collapse. Yeah! Now if I could just get the shot from the tumbler out of it so it's more of bead than a rattle, life would be nearly complete.

Happy Wednesday!

What's on your bead table?