Friday, January 27, 2012

I am not invincible

I haven't been feeling all that well over the last couple of months. Nothing serious, just the occasional bout of dizziness and fatigue. It was easy to put this off to the holidays and all the busy that goes along with it. Nothing that you would think necessary to schedule a doctor visit. Then I had a birthday and it occured to me that I haven't actually been to the doctor in more than 3 years. Healthy as a horse. So off I went for one of those wellness checkups.

Cholesterol - pretty good
Blood pressure -excellent
Lung function - fine for an asthmatic
Liver function - excellent

Fasting blood glucose - not so great

I thought I was invincible when it came to the game of genetics roulette. The good news is that I have some answers to why I've been feeling a little off. The bad news is that I can't really change a lot in my diet (the usual first approach). More than 6 months ago I gave up sugar along with a lot of other unhealthy eating habits. Well except for the chocolates at Christmas. They were Lindt after all. A girl can only resist temptation for so long. And Lindt chocolate is an extreme temptation.

The good news. I've already conquered the diet issues, well except for the Lindt lapse. The point of all this? This blog is probably going to continue to have infrequent updates over the next few weeks as I sort through this medical issue and another that I don't even want to think about at all.

I'm still working. Just working quite slowly. I have some pretties that came out of the kiln a while ago. They'll probably land in the shop on Monday.

Meanwhile, I have always appreciated the support, kindness and friendship I've found out here in the land of blog. I thank you all for that. I just wanted you all to know that I'm actually still here, just in a much quieter, contemplative, and inconsistent version of me. I'm pretty sure that the other me will be back soon.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Full of Potential

We are home now after being away for the holidays and I see the new year as full of potential. Just like I see this bowl of beads as full of potential. Who knows what they will become. In many ways I feel that way about this new start in 2012. What will 2012 become?

Last year was so full of change. We moved our daughter in law and grand daughter to Ft Campbell. My son came home after being away for a very long year. Our daughter moved to Dallas. We moved to North Carolina. My mother died. Peter started a new job. How does that stack up on one of the life stress scales?

But this year I am looking forward to feeling more settled. More able to see the potential in each day. I don't have grand plans or many goals for the year. I've set that aside and decided to concentrate more on each day as it unfolds.

I've cleared away some impending chaos in the studio and am back to work. It goes slowly. Sometimes for me it is hard to pick back up and go again after being away. But maybe I'm just not ready. My daughter flies in this afternoon. I don't want a lot of work hanging around in my studio. I haven't seen her in 6 months. I just want savor the time we have together.

Those beads are all glazed now and cooling in the kiln. I'll open it with my daughter this afternoon. We haven't opened a kiln together in years.

My last knitting project of the year....a wee little pair of baby booties just waiting to be filled. I've been holding this knowledge close to my heart for a while now. We'll have a new grand baby this summer. Tammy is just starting show a little bit of baby tummy. It's beautiful and she and my son are so in love with this baby already. We all are. What great potential the new year holds.

Have a wonderful weekend and a wonderful 2012!