A little about me

silliness with a camera and a mirror

So what’s up with Summers Studio? Well, Summers Studio began as a pottery studio that opened its Etsy shop doors in 2008. I started making smaller and smaller things, first buttons, then pendants, and little tiny beads. The SummersStudioEtc was a bit of an add-on enterprise to house those little bits. I never dreamed at the time that I’d fall in love and become completely obsessed with making tiny little pieces. I’ve never looked back and now I rarely make anything larger than the palm of my hand.

Recently I've added bronze and copper and etchings to my designs.This is an ever evloving studio. Why? Because I am restless and certain designs translate better to different mediums.

All of my designs originate from my drawings (doodles, really) or vintage architectural pieces, buttons, filigree, and found bits. Lately, I’ve been recapturing fleeting memories from my childhood like butterflies, dragonflies, baby birds, and the hoot of owls in the barn. Whimsical? Probably not. Sweet? Oh yes definitely. I can’t help it. These designs make me feel good and I love for them to make you feel good too!

I’m really sort of an ordinary person who made the life altering decision to drop out of the academic world and pursue my life long dream of living a creative life. It’s what I started out doing and I’d kind of like to end up doing this.

Welcome to my world. I hope you’ll join me on this adventure.

10 things about me

I love to laugh. A lot. I love funny stories about every day things. I like telling stories about every day life.

I live with my sweetie who supports me and my creative life in so many ways. Twenty odd years now and I couldn’t be happier.

I also live with 2 dogs, one old kelpie that we brought with us from Australia. And one young almost lab whose whole body wags with her happy tail.

We have two flown the nest children that continue to amaze me as much as they did when they uttered their first words and stepped their first steps.

We lived in Australia for many years and miss it a lot. But we love being less than a 36 hour journey from our children and family.

I love chocolate, especially those Guilyan seashell hazelnut filled chocolates.

I like red wine, Barossa Valley big shirazes and cab savs, in particular.

I don’t like fish. I can’t help it, I just keep seeing little bones caught in my throat. Ick.

Black is my favourite colour, followed by deep dark purple. But I hardly ever use these colours in my work. I just wear them.

I’m a little bit of a hermit but I love people. Weird, huh?

I am always thrilled to see how you’ve incorporated my little jewelry components in your designs. It expands my vision and becomes part of my process. Love it! Oh wait, that is 11. Well there you have it, 11 things about me.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you soon!