Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Half Empty or Half Full?

 brass, copper

It all started with this. 

copper, sterling

And proceeded to this.

top: brass, copper 
 bottom: copper, sterling, black onyx

And heck, why not a couple of pendants. The bails are sneakily hidden on the back side. All of these are what I would consider prototypes. Or maybe just an idea seed. I can see all sorts of errors. Things I want to change, improve. But I have loved getting out the metal and fabricating. Playing with fire and solder. Oh fire! I love fire. 

It has my wheels turning. I've even felt a little excited. Not giddy but excited. And after the last 2 months,
 that is a hugely great thing.

You might be asking yourself just what is LeAnn up to? Doesn't she make beads? Well, yes, I do make beads. But after a 6 week rest of my thumb, things have gone quite wrong. A couple of days of trying to make beads and it's shrieking with pain and there is a disgusting huge lump on my tendon. The lump, says my doctor, is my pressure valve. Sort of like the button that pops on a pressure cooker. Ick! So the upshot is, no beads for 2 weeks. No using that thumb to push things. Then we'll see.

But I'm a glass half full kind of girl. OK, I'll admit that earlier my glass was way on the side of being more than half empty. But the sun's been shining. It was even warm yesterday. And I'm feeling like I have an opportunity here to follow some ideas that have been in my head. Things that require very little use of my thumb. Lordy, I even see some beads with the new ideas. I'm learning some new things. Things like letting my tools, rather than my hands, do the work. What a concept.

 My glass might even be more than half full. Not over flowing. Maybe 3/4 full?

So how are you? How full is your glass?