Monday, November 16, 2009

So Tired

I've just finished a week of 12 to 14 hour studio days, a day of set up, a night market, and 2 days of studio tour. And only one bad photo of one little part of it to show you. I am tired! I really had no idea what to expect of the studio tour. Or at least what I expected had very little to do with the reality of it. I've only ever attended the tour. I've never shown my work on the tour. It's very different from this side of the street.

Something like 5,000 people attend this local event. The way it works is that the Arts Alliance coordinates and publicizes the event and selects a juror for the show. This year 10 studios were selected as host locations and 56 artists were selected to show their work. Our location was in the home of a jeweler, and in addition to my ceramics, there was an oil painter, an acrylic painter, and two photographers. We used the entire house as our 'gallery' so there was a lot of art. I had no real understanding of just how many people mark their calenders and get out there bright and early on Saturday. You know 5,000 is just a number a multiple of 5, 5 x 1000. Numbers are an abstract concept to me. This is a pretty serious big event and I was completely unprepared for what perhaps 700 people coming through one home would be like. Overwhelming is probably an understatement. And these people are serious collectors and buyers. Which turned out a good thing for me but Mother Hubbard's cupboard was pretty bare by the end of Saturday , with another day of tour to go.

It was good though. I shared the dining room with my friend Liz and her beautiful photography, a piece of which came home with me. We laughed ( a lot). We learned together as it was her first studio tour as well. I learned to add numbers in my head (sort of). I learned that you really, really do need to bring a calculator. But lacking that, buyers will get out their mobile phones and add up numbers for you. I learned that it is good, really really good, to ocassionally step outside of your comfort zone and do something new.

I feel a little like a creation story today. And on the 10th day she rested.

Tomorrow, I will be back to my normal routine, thankful that I won't do another large show until April. Heaps of time to prepare, right?


mairedodd said...

wow - i am reeling a bit just thinking about it! that is a lot of people... and a lot of work for you to prep... while it was taxing for you, i am glad that so many got to experience the beauty that you share with us so often... and how wonderful that there were serious buyers and collectors - not just browsers... your work will be treasured, i am sure...

SueBeads said...

Wow~! But I am very glad for you that it was successful! Definitely rest up, even for more than one day!

sharon said...

I can feel your exhaustion, but it is good! And by the sounds of it you better get started for April!! So glad it went well for you deserve it, and your work is excellent! Hugs!!

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

You sound so tired but hopefully happy. What a huge turnout and lots of sales for you. Just what a girl needs right before Christmas.

Marsha of Marsha Neal Studio said...

I've always loved going on artist studio "tours". It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun!

Make sure to take some extra time off - an additional day of rest will do wonders for you!

The Joy of Nesting said...

Congratulations dear LeAnn!!!

Oh I can just imagine your exhaustion, pride,happiness,surprise, wonderment and elation. :) Ha if you were a red dog named Clifort I bet you grew to be taller then a skyscraper this weekend!! :)

Your gifts, talent and abilities to create are so amazing and it's time for the rest of the world to find out what we already know!!

Rest for a couple of days before you realize April is only ???days,(dang now where is that calculator?) away.

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

PS Maybe you should ask Santa for a pocket calculator??? :)

Marie Cramp said...

I am tired just reading your post!! I can feel your exaustion coming out of the words on the screen. I am glad it was successful though. You better start making stuff now for April or you won't have enough time!! I got my pendants today, thanks for the little gift!

Esther said...

my poor LeANn you are so tired!! i remember the post you've published with just a picture of a cup of tea... saying that make nothing it's cool.. you have a lot of energy and success!! so glad for you!!

stregata said...

Congratulations, LeAnn!!!!! I am sooo glad to hear this was successfull!
My goodness, 700 people going thru a house to look at art - amazing! Overwhelming? I bet - that was an invasion! But so good to get in touch with serious collectors!
I can just imagine how tired you are! Be good to yourself - you deserve it! Hugs!!!! Big hugs!!!

Alice said...

That's a lot of people! How great that you were chosen for this show, and even better that the people attending appreciate handmade!

Now you've got this one under your belt and know what to expect next time. I'm glad you had a friend to experience this with you.

Unknown said...

Glad to hear that the show was such a success...WOW! 5, that's a lot of people and several artists all in the same space...I would have been a nervous wreck! You should treat yourself to something special for all your long hours and great success.

Katie said...

wow - congrats on finishing the show in one piece...that sounds like a HUGE deal, and I am so happy that you were able to participate! enjoy your time to rest - time to recharge!