Thursday, December 2, 2010

Coming Home to Roost

This owl bead went out and came back home magically transformed into one of the best bracelets I have ever owned. Bev, over at No Easy Beads made this bracelet using seed beads in ways that are totally amazing. I have no idea how anyone works at this small scale. But I do love it!

I snagged a pic off Bev's etsy site. She's got a some wonderful pieces there that are done in a similar way to my bracelet. All beautiful and I want them all but I'm not greedy. You can have a shot at them.

This one has a focal bead by Pam Wynn, mother of Heather Wynn Millican, ceramic bead caps by Elaine Ray, and a glass disk bead by Blue Seraphim. A stunning composition, I think.

Thanks, Bev, for making my owl find a beautiful home to 'roost' in. I love it!


stregata said...

The bracelet is gorgeous. I am always in awe of Bev's accurate work with those tiny beads.

Judy said...

GORGEOUS!! Oh my, stunning in fact! Such a great combination!

Beverly Herman said...

LeAnn Thank you so much for the kind words. It is your wonderful Art bead that brings the bead crochet to life. Thank you for sharing your owl with me. It was my pleasure to make one for you.

sharon said...

I love these, they accent your bead perfectly LeAnn. I do love seed beading, but time is always a problem for me...or patience maybe!